Distressing Video Captures EXACTLY How Cops Treat Black People

Dear God

just imagine dealing wit this on a routine basis and throw in the fact that nobody will care, nobody will help, and in fact, you’ll even be accused of “exaggerating”, and then MAYBE you could understand why black people are “always so hostile”

People are racist.

Anybody can become a Cop.

That, however, does not make every cop racist.

You people stereotype just as much as the people your are against. Hell you don’t even need to hear the full story, if it has a black man being a arrested it’s automatically racist. If someone breaks the law that’s what happens. It’s called Cause and Effect. Consequences. It doesn’t mean it’s racist. The female cop in this video was doing her job. The male cop was out of place. But that doesn’t make it racist. The only person in this video that brought up race was the man being arrested.

Fuck you mean “you people”